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Featured in the 2014 National Geographic Indian Ocean 101 issue, ­­­­­­Tamarind Gardens Farm is based in Aluthwatte, Digana (Kandy District). All our products are 100% organic, made fresh to order, and can have a lead time of up to 4 days for production. In operation since 2011, Tamarind Gardens envisions being a sustainable community support project. We employ from our local village to give an alternative industry to villagers, who would otherwise need to partake in dolomite mining, which is currently the main industry in the a­­­­rea.

Our introductory products to the Good Market Shop includes our *Premium product, Neufchatel 150g (plain & with garlic and herbs) which is a very creamy cheese, buttery in consistency, made with the evening milk (rich in fat) from our Jersey Cows, with added cream and ripened for 3 days. Our other introductory products are Cottage Cheese 250g, Clotted Cream 75g and Double Cream 250ml. (Check Table below for our full list of products.)

For products not available at the Good Market Shop (Lakpahana premises – Opposite Racecourse Grounds, Col-07), feel free to place an order directly with us, and we’ll deliver it **FREE OF CHARGE on set dates that we travel to Colombo. However, if you require a special/urgent delivery to be made in advance of our set dates, then a travel cost will be charged. All our products are delivered to Colombo in Polystyrene Insulated containers with cool packs, to maintain high hygiene standards and a safe temperature during transit. We are more than happy to discuss variations/product specifications, and answer any queries at your convenience. (**Conditions Apply)

Contact Ayesha – 0779-071777 / Nalin – 0777-871374 or email them at


With Love from Ayesha, Nalin and the Merry Menagerie at TG! :)

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Here’s A Review From A Guest

Although I’d advise visitors to go by 4-wheel drive (at least until the latter stretch of the road is repaired), I assure you the spectacle that awaits you on your arrival at Tamarind Gardens (TG), will quite easily erase any discomfort experienced en route. In my opinion, the term ‘rustic charm’ best encapsulates the TG experience.

It is as though you’ve entered a parallel universe of sorts, where life just takes on a simpler form, void of noise, chaos, deadlines, television (although there is phone and internet connectivity, if you absolutely cannot cut yourself off from the rat-race), or social engagements.

There is but one thing expected of you…bask in the peace and calm that engulfs you. From the Proprietors, Ayesha and Nalin, the Project Manager Jayantha, long standing employee Shakthi, the Fabulous ‘Hungry Boys’, right through the ranks to their ‘Merry Menagerie’ of two trusty canines – Denise and Lucky Luke, the cock bird – Prince William and his harem of chickens, and the seven beloved “Moos” – Daisy, Preeti, Goldie, Elsa, Molly and the two “babies” Rani and Raavan, TG radiates a warmth and love that is severely contagious. (I hear no-one has been spared thus far!)

Each morning, you open your cabana doors, take a deep breath of cool fresh air, and take a moment to absorb the splendour of the Victoria Reservoir surrounded by misty mountains. The sight that beholds you is incomparable! Once you are able to tear yourself away from the picturesque view (at least momentarily), a scrumptious breakfast awaits you.

We were treated to an array of oven fresh breads, rolls and buns, courtesy of the ‘Hungry Boys’. Thereafter, we were mostly left to pursue our own interests, be it to read a book, chat to the TG team, wander about the farm to get better acquainted with the menagerie or opt for a river boat ride.

The scenic boat ride runs along the Mahaweli River, by the foot of Mary Mount (pointed out by the village boat man as the mountain located directly opposite TG,). As you glide along the still waters, cocooned on all sides by mountain ranges, a deep sense of serenity befalls you.

The “Village Walk” is yet another specialty offered by TG to its guests. The Walk makes pit stops at the homes/workshops of traditional village industries and crafts people, such as the incense maker and the jewellery maker. (Visitors might want to have some cash handy to make a few purchases along the way). Visitors are also given an insight into the harsh reality of villagers working for the local Dolomite Factory. Although a supplier of many jobs to the village community, it comes at a very high price, as villagers are made to work under very hazardous conditions, both to their health and physical safety.

The drought, too, is particularly vicious on this community, as water, already a scarce resource in the area, needs to be stored in water tanks (if lucky enough to own one), as water is supplied quite erratically only 3-4 days a week. Therefore, guests are encouraged to use water sparingly and restrict their showers to two minutes each. Guests are also welcome to make a donation towards the community water tank fund, run by the Proprietors who have made arrangements to purchase discounted water tanks for the community.

All in all, the TG experience is not only a great eye-opener to the many things we take for granted, but also a great teacher that it is in fact the simpler things in life that hold the most value in the end…

Vesak at TG

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This year we have Jayantha our Manager to thank for the lantern that he knocked up for us.  It is made of a steel frame which he welded together and then stuck tissue paper to it very patiently.

We were graced with the company of some  visitors from Colombo and Kandy over the holiday period. Luck brought us some fresh shellfish from the reservoir and we  hosted our first “cheese event” , preceded by a Clotted Cream Tea (the best Clotted cream this side of Devon and Cornwall!!).  This was our first attempt at Cottage and Curd Cheeses flavoured with garlic and herbs and chilli and black peppercorn! I think our guests enjoyed the event.

The cream tea particularly was very popoular and now that Daisy, Preety and Elsa have been joined on the the milk production line by our darling Molly who kept us waiting and waiting. Infact, we were really starting to get scared because she was so late, 10 days. She finally gave birth to a beautiful male calf whom we have named Sanath, and it appears she wanted to give birth on her Birthday! It was a very long and difficult pregnacy, but moo and calf are both doing really well.

We have been joined by Devraj from Badulla who is now looking after all our moos. He is simply the best. The most caring and  organised  herdsman in Sri Lanka.

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Baby ‘Sana Boy’